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Membership is primarily concerned with descendants of Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth. The Singletary name is included because one of the two major family groups identified through DNA tests had its origin in the Singletary family. Jonathan Singletary, son of Richard (the original immigrant to these shores from England) made a decision to change his surname from Singletary to Dunham when he moved to Massachusetts or New Jersey -- for reasons still not understood (a major research challenge). All his male children used the name Dunham, whereas all the male children of his brothers continued using their Singletary surname. DNA testing has identified at least two other generic Dunham families or variants of that name, e.g., Donham, Dunnam.

Members currently include Donham, Dunham, Dunnam and Singletary and their descendants.


Memberships are renewable on an annual (January 1 to December 31) basis. The membership fee is $25 per year and is not pro-ratable. Members in arrears on March 1 of any year are subject to suspension.

Membership provisions are contained in Article III of the By-laws.

Membership application

There is an electronic membership application available. It can be completed on-line and submitted. When the application is submitted electronically, an acknowledgement screen will immediately appear. There is an opportunity on the acknowledgement screen to use the shopping cart to pay the membership fee through PayPal.

The completed form can also be printed and mailed, with a check in the amount of $25 US, to: Dunham/Singletary Family Connections,40300 Powder Horn Lane, Coarsegold, Ca. 93614

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