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2014 January Board Agenda

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January 2014 Annual Board Meeting Agenda

The annual board meeting of the Dunham-Singletary Family Connections Association is scheduled
for Saturday, January 18th 2014 at 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time. If you would like to attend
the conference call please Contact Jeff Dunham at: jeffreymdunham@gmail.com

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Item 1 - Election Committee Report - Director Election and New Officers

Item 2 - Secretarial Report

Item 3 - Proposed Assistant Treasurer - Needs to have access to Wells Fargo Bank

Item 4 - Gratia Research Funding Report

Item 5 - Report of the Bedfordshire Research to date

Item 6 - Proposed 2014 Research

Item 7 - DNA Project Report

Item 8 - Website Status - DS-FC and Dunham's in America

Item 9 - 2013 Financial Report

Item 10 - 2014 Budget

Discussion of the Agenda items can be found on the Dunham-Singletary Family
Connections Discussion Forum found at: January 2014 Agenda Discussions

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