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By-Law Amendment 2017

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During our 2017 annual board meeting, the board members discussed using a different name to represent our organization. The reasons behind this are three fold.

1. To better describe “what we are” and “who we are”. It was thought that having “genealogy” and “research” in the name would immediately help people understand what we do.

2. In this day and age everything is found via an internet search engine; with the current name interested Dunhams might find it difficult to find our website and our facebook page. The most common search phrase might be “Dunham Genealogy” – using this criteria our search ranking are low on both google and bing. Note that this will vary between users as they both cache previous searches for a given user.

3. It is relatively easy to do. We are incorporated in the state of Montana, where we simply need to file a form with that state showing we are “doing business as” (DBA) to operate under a name different from the name which we used to incorporate.

The board converged on the name “Dunham Genealogy Research Association”. The board voted and approved the change, it will then be presented to the membership for their approval.

Minutes of Board members via email beginning June 25, 2017

Discussion started at the May 2017 Board meeting about changing the name of our group.

The reason for the change is to attract more attention to us as a research association. To attract more queries, and thus new source material for newsletter articles. To gain more members searching for Dunham/Donham to solicit Dunham/Donham research done by others.

All board members were notified by email of the purposed change. President Jeffrey Dunham called for a motion on June 29th, 2017, the motion for our corporation to do business as (DBA) “Dunham Genealogy Research Association” aka a name change. This motion was then seconded by Eric Stolz.

After much discussion and input from the board members via email, board members voted, this vote requires only a majority of the board members (per By-Laws). Everyone participated in the discussion and the Motion passed by 9 to 0 with 1 board member not voting.

President Jeff Dunham stated that we are incorporated in the State of Montana and that we simply need to file a form with the state of Montana.

President Jeff Dunham registered the domain names "dunhamgenealogy.org and dunhamgenealogy.com" to be used with the new DBA - “Dunham Genealogy Research Association”.

Now we need to send the change, per the by-laws, to membership for approval.

Proposed Amendment to the DS-FC By-Laws:

The below 2 Articles from the By-Laws of the Dunham/Singletary Family Connections show the proposed change to Article I and the procedures for the proposed change to the By-Laws. The complete By-Laws can be found on the Website at:


ARTICLE I – Name The name of this organization is DUNHAM/SINGLETARY FAMILY CONNECTIONS. The organization is incorporated in the State of Montana.

Proposed Change to Article I - Name:

The name of this organization is DUNHAM/SINGLETARY FAMILY CONNECTIONS. The Organization shall also be know as The DUNHAM GENEALOGY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION. The organization is incorporated in the State of Montana.

ARTICLE VIII - Amendments Section 1. Amendments to these By-laws may be proposed by members in good standing to the President; however, each proposed amendment must be approved by a majority of the Directors or by a petition of at least ten (10) members in good standing before consideration by the membership.

Section 2. Any proposed amendment meeting the above requirements shall normally be submitted to the members on the next ballot for election of officers. The Board of Directors may provide a special ballot if it determines a more timely consideration is necessary. Section 3. Proposed amendments receiving a majority of those voting shall be effective immediately upon tabulation unless the proposal contains a different effective date.

ARTICLE V - Board of Directors Section 5. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors may be held periodically as determined by the Board but must include at least one meeting annually. Notice of such meetings must be posted to the organization Web Page a minimum of ten days prior to such meeting specifying date, time, method of meeting and agenda. Special meetings may be called by the Board with the same notice requirements.

A Ballot will be sent to the Membership 10 days after this Announcement Letter to Approve or Reject the proposed Amendment. The Membership will have 5 Days to Reply. Ballots to be sent on 15 Aug 2017 and due on 20 Aug 2017.

James A. Streeter for the DSFC Board of Directors.

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