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Descendants of Hypothetical father probably of Scotch-Irish Descent

We know that this early Dunham family was a separate line from the Deacon John Dunham line or the Dunham-Singletary line
because the DNA does not match either of those lines.

Line of Michael Dale Dunham of Walla Walla, Washington

Joseph 1 Dunham (1705-1769) and Mary Claypool
(Hypothetical father probably of Scotch-Irish descent)
John 2 Dunham (1732-1789) and Jane/Jenny
Henry H. 3 Dunham (abt. 1750-1820) and Elizabeth Medlin
Richard 4 Dunham (1795-1874) and Elizabeth (unknown)
John Sebron 5 Dunham (1825-1879) and Margaret Pitman
James David 5 Dunham (1854-1902) and Pandora Baggett
John Franklin 6 Dunham (1884-1949) and second wife Kathryn McCary
Benjamin Wendall 7 Dunham (1920-1986) and Shirley Maureen Mays
Michael Dale 8 Dunham (1944-2013) and Joanne
(participated in DNA analysis)
Eric Michael 9 Dunham (1970-2014)

Line of William Elmer Dunham of Iowa

Joseph 1 Dunham (1705-1769) and Mary Claypool
(Hypothetical father probably of Scotch-Irish descend)
John 2 Dunham (say 1732-1789) and Jane/Jenny
John 3 Dunham (1759-1818) and Polly Waller
Henry McKinney 4 Dunham (1813-1860+) and Sarah Ann Hinman
Adrian Marcelles 5 Dunham (1845-1926) and Nancy Emeline Diamond Moss
Samuel Henry 6 Dunham (1877-1949) and Elizabeth Agnes Reese
Elmer Loyd 7 Dunham (1907-1986) and Jessie Lee Congers
Harold Mathew 8 Dunham (1937- ) and Irene Thomas
William Elmer 9 Dunham
(participated in DNA analysis)

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