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47. MICAJAH 3 DUNHAM (Joseph 2 John 1), born in Plymouth say 1673. [1] There is no death record and no probate for Micajah, but he was dead before 1760 when Elizabeth “widow of Micajah” is mentioned in Plymouth Church Records. [2] Micajah married 26 June 1701 ELIZABETH LAZELL, daughter of Joshua and Mary (--) Lazell. [3] Elizabeth was born in Hingham 20 December 1681. [4] There is no probate record for Elizabeth (Lazell) Dunham and the last record of her was the Plymouth Church Record of 1760 mentioned above.

The first record of Micajah Dunham is from the Court of General Sessions and Inferior Court of Common Pleas when in December 1699 the Court fined Micajah Dunham, George Barrow, and Edmond Tilson 3s, 4d. each for breach of peace. [5]

There are several Plymouth County Land Records which document property held by Micajah Dunham in both Plymouth and Plimpton. [6] Of these,;

Plymouth County Land Record 9:176-7 dated 19 May 1712 conveys Micajah’s right in land formerly John Dunham’s now belonging to heirs of Joseph 2 Dunham, deceased.
Plymouth County Land Record 20:183 dated (?) 1726 is the division of the land in Plympton to and among the children of Joseph 2 Dunham. Micajah’s share left by the will of his father was “20 acres which he now lives on with ½ acre on corner of lot I now live on.”

On 14 October 1727 Micajah Dunham sold a large portion of his holdings. Plymouth Co. LR 22:99 dated 14 October 1727

“...I Micajah Donham of Plymouth, labourer, for £100 paid by Thomas Edwards of Boston, goldsmith sell all that my lots of land lying in Plymouth and Plimton, my thirteenth lot laid out in the first great lot in the last division of Plymouth, with my mansion house on it and my 20 acre lot and 60 acre lot which I bought of Robert and Thomas Barrows (excepting what I sold off to Nathaniel Jackson of Plymouth as may appear by plat of the said land) with my meadow in Swan Hole which I bought of my honored mother Esther Donham as may appear by the county records of Plymouth and also all my land which was laid out to the children of Joseph Donham deceased as may appear by the proprietors records of Plymouth both divided and undivided...”

There were some adult baptisms for Elizabeth (Lazell) Dunham and six of the children of Micajah and Elizabeth. Plymouth Church Records under date of July 25, 1731 show “Baptized Elizabeth the wife of Micajah Dunham.” An entry from the same source under date of August 15, 1731 shows “6 children of Micajah and Elizabeth Dunham, Viz. Joshua Dunham, Abigail Tommas (sic Thomas), Joanna Ward, Ester Dunham (these four were active in the covenant themselves) Ephraim and Manasseh Dunham.” [7]

From the above record of baptism we know that Abigail 4 Dunham was married to a man whose surname was Thomas, and Joanna 4 Dunham was married to a man whose surname was Ward. Ester (Esther) Dunham was “active in the covenant” which meant that she was above 14 years old, and thus born by 1717.

Joseph 4 Dunham is not included. He was married by 1731 and was living in Scituate. The two sons Micajah 4 and David 4 were also not included and may have been living elsewhere.

Children of Micajah and Elizabeth (Lazell) Dunham:

265. i. JOSHUA 4 DUNHAM, b. 30 June 1701, Plymouth [8]
266. ii. JOSEPH 4 DUNHAM, b. 12 March 1704/5, Plymouth [9]
267. iii. ABIGAIL 4 DUNHAM, b. 19 July 1707, Plymouth [10]
268 . iv. JOANNA 4 DUNHAM, b. 5 Nov. 1709, Plympton [11]
269 . v. MICAJAH 4 DUNHAM, b. probably 6 January 1712, probably in Plympton but not shown on Plympton vital records
270 . vi. DAVID 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1714, probably in Plympton but not shown on Plympton vital records
271 . vii. ESTHER 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1717, probably in Plympton
272 . viii. EPHRAIM 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1719, probably in Plympton
273 . ix. MANASSEH 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1721, probably in Plympton


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