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7. JONATHAN 2 DUNHAM (John 1 ) b. in Leiden, Holland say 1625; [1] died in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Dukes Co., Massachusetts 18 December 1717. [2] Jonathan married first in Plymouth 29 November 1655 MARY DELANO, [3] daughter of Philip Delano. She died soon after marriage, and there was no issue by Mary Delano. Jonathan married second in Plymouth 15 October 1657 MARY COBB, [4] daughter of Henry and Patience (Hurst) Cobb of Scituate. [5] Mary was born at Scituate 24 March 1636/7; [6] died after 28 June 1717 on which date she was mentioned in the will of her husband Jonathan Dunham.

In the Plymouth Town Meeting Records dated 27 Oct. 1662, [7] Jonathan Dunham is mentioned as being granted land at Sampson’s Country (Lakeville); and again on 22 March 1663 as being granted lot #17 Puncatesset Neck (Little Compton) jointly with John Dunham, Sr. [8] In the Plymouth Colony Land Records dated 7 June 1665 he was granted 30 acres in Majors Purchase (Middleborough). [9]

The grant of land at Majors Purchase is interesting because Jonathan actually built a house and settled there. He appears on several records in “Middleberry” (Middleborough) prior to King Philip’s War. Since the Middleborough Town Records were destroyed during that conflict, we have little recorded information about him during the period 1665 to 1677. He was living in Middleborough in 1676 at the outbreak of King Philip’s War, and he and his family had to flee for their safety. [10] He may have returned to Plymouth during the period of hostilities and never returned to Middleborough to live.

Instead Jonathan went to Sucknesset (Falmouth) where he was a lay preacher for the next twenty years. He served as a lay preacher in Falmouth even though he was not officially ordained. From The Annals of Falmouth by Frederick Freeman, p. 429, the town reserved a “20 acre lot left void for the minister,” and on 23 July 1677 the town record states “Jonathan Dunham should have 10 acres and all the skirts of marsh or meadow about Bass Pond, and all marsh on North West side of Quanamut.” He was also given the use of 40 acres of upland in the 20 acre lots, half a share of marsh-meadow at Great Seperwisset, a dwelling house and about 2 acres of upland adjoining it. In 1684 he went to Martha’s Vineyard, and on 11 October 1694 he was officially ordained as minister at Edgartown.

More information about Jonathan Dunham can be found in an article by Mrs. John E. Barclay, F.A.S.G. in The American Genealogist, Volume 36, p. 243-249. The History of Martha’s Vineyard, by Charles Edward Banks, M. D., pub. 1966, in Vol. II, p.150-152 contains a brief description of the Ministry of Jonathan Dunham.

The History of Martha’s Vineyard, by C. E. Banks Vol. III p. 152-168 contains a family genealogy of the Dunham family who lived on the Vineyard. There are discrepancies in the estimated birth date given by Banks and date given in the Barclay article.

Robert Charles Anderson in The Great Migration Begins, 1:602 gives a birth date of 1625, stating that Jonathan was on a Plymouth voters list about 1646. To be on a voter's list Jonathan would have been at least 21, and therefore he was born by 1625.

Extract of the Will of Jonathan Dunham: Ply. Col. Records Vol. 4:370, will probated 15 Jan. 1718.

“In the name of God, Amen. The 28th of June, in the year of our Lord Christ, 1717, I Jonathan Dunham of Edgartown in Dukes Co., America, late minister of said town. . .Said worldly estate I appoint Daniel, sole executor, next considering that I have given to my sons, Jonathan, Eleazer, Gershom and Samuel, land at Middleboro, I leave them nothing except oxen to Gershom. To my daughter Pease, widow, £six or pair of oxen... 3rd on consideration of great kindness of Daniel and his wife, to have dwelling house and land at Edgartown, also the debts due.
Witness: John Butler -- Benjamin Hawes -- Jonathan Dunham -- Sarah Hawes

Jonathan is buried at Tower Hill Cemetery in Edgartown. A memorial marker was placed at his gravesite by a grandson. This marker reads:

“Here lyes ye Body of Rev. Mr. Jonathan Dunham,
who Died December 18, Anno Don. 1717, aged about
85 years, Pastor of Church of Christ at Edgartown,
With Toils and Pains at first he tilled ye ground to dress
God’s Vineyard & w’s faithful Found. Full thirty years
ye Gospel he did dispense, His work being Done,
Christ Jesus called him hence.”

In an article by Mrs. John E. Barclay, F.A.S.G. in TAG 44:218 she corrects errors in The Dunham Genealogy by the Rev. Isaac Dunham and states as follows:

“The will of the Rev. Jonathan Dunham (Dukes Co. Probate 1:48) dated 28 June 1717, names sons Jonathan, Eleazer, Gershom and Samuel; daughter Parker (?possibly Pease), widow, and son Daniel and wife. As we read this will, we get the impression all are living since none are called deceased, but such was not the case. Gershom, Daniel and Hannah, were living and left estates (Dukes Co. Probate Records) but Jonathan Jr., Eleazer and Samuel all died several years before date of the will, proof of which will be found as follows: Samuel 3 died unmarried the latter part of 1701. . .called deceased in Deed 1:403 dated 30 Dec. 1701. Eleazer 3 died unmarried near 10 Oct. 1710, the date Plymouth Co. Deeds 8:175 and 8:144 were recorded. Jonathan 3 Jr. died before 5 Oct. 1711, as shown by Dukes Co. Deeds 3:97 and 3:483.”

Children of Jonathan and Mary (Cobb) Dunham: [11]

32. i. JONATHAN 3 DUNHAM, b. ca. 1658-9
ii. ELEAZER 3 DUNHAM, b. ca. 1662-3 Plymouth, d. near 10 Oct. 1710, unmarried. [12] In Ply Co. LR 8:175 Eleazer of Edgartown named brother Gershom of Edgartown, his lawful attorney, to sell his lands and rights in Middleboro; dated 12 Oct. 1703.
33. iii. GERSHOM 3 DUNHAM, b. ca. 1664-5
34. iv. HANNAH 3 DUNHAM, b. ca. 1666-7 prob. in Middleboro
v. SAMUEL 3 DUNHAM b. ca. 1668 prob. Middleboro d. later part of 1701, unmarried
35. vi. DANIEL 3 DUNHAM, b. ca. 1677-8


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