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This information has been prepared by Gratia Dunham Mahony.  Her original document has been sub-divided to fit more easily onto our web site.  [PCD]


#12738 - James Donald Donham of Bangor, Pennsylvania

NOTE:  There is a very large group of people who descend from Nathaniel Donham of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. NJ who had 9 sons and 1 daughter.  Nathaniel Donham, whose birth date is about 1733, is first found in Woodbridge and Perth Amboy NJ.  He moved to Greene Co. PA, where his two oldest sons remained, and then went to Clermont Co. OH.  To date there has been no conclusive evidence to link Nathaniel Donham to either the Dunham line from Piscataway (descendants of Deacon John 1 Dunham through his son Benajah 2 Dunham; or the Singletary/alias Dunham line from Richard 1 Singletary through his son Jonathan 2 who used the surname of Dunham.  On 17 October 2003 DNA analysis results for James Donald Donham were received which show a one step mutation from the line of the Singletary/alias Dunham line of Woodbridge New Jersey.


  The earliest proven ancestor of this line is Nathaniel 1 Donham, however further research may allow descendants to learn his ancestry.  For the purpose of this study he is given the generation number “1”.


Line from Richard Singletary through his son Jonathan Singletary/alias Dunham:

(early connection still unproven,

Line of James Donald Donham:

Nathaniel 1 Donham, Lewis G. 2 Donham, John 3 Donham, Lewis Newton 4, Donham, John Gideon Maple 5 Donham, Paul Ernest Jennings 6 Donham, James Donald 7 Donham:


Nathaniel 1 Donham b. say 1733 prob. in NJ [1]

            d. near 10 August 1820 in Clermont Co. OH [2]

                        m. 1 Mary Sutton in 1765 in NJ [3]

                        m. 2  Keziah Crosley [4]



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  2.  Probate date of will which was written in 1812, recorded in Clermont Co. Ohio Book B, p. 468.

  3.  Research done by descendent Pat Junkin and others including James D. Donham.

  4.  Ibid.


Lewis G. 2 Donham b. 24 June 1771 in Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. NJ [5]

            d. 1845 in Greene Co. PA [6]

                        m. Amy Maple in 1805 [7]



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John 3 Donham b. 28 September 1806 in Greene Co. PA [8]

            d. 12 November 1884 in Greene Co. PA [9]

                        m. Rebecca Engle in 1828 [10]



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Lewis Newton 4 Donham b. 1 April 1833 in Greene Co. PA [11]

            d. 6 August 1902 in Monongahela Co. West Virginia [12]

                        m. 1 Martha A. Lucas [13]

                        m. 2 Lydia Catherine Barb 3 Oct. 1855 (mother of John G.) [14]



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John Gideon Maple 5 Donham b. 16 September 1858 in Greene Co. PA [15]

            d. 10 August 1937 in Fairmont, West Virginia [16]

                        m. Effie June Adams in 1886 in Fairmont WV [17]



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Paul Ernest Jennings 6 Donham b. 6 Nov. 1897 in Fairmont, West Virginia [18]

            d. 29 June 1993 in Fairmont, WV [19]

                        m. Norma Marion Hecker, 16 Sept. 1929 in Fairmont, WV [20]



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James Donald 7 Donham b. 30 October 1930 in Fairmont, West Virginia [21]



21.  Participated in DNA analysis

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