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Y Chromosome Testing Information

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DNA Testing -- Project Details



Surname-based Family Tree Reconstruction Project Revised: 8/2011

DNA Fingerprinting, utilizing Y or mtDNA chromosome testing, has gained credence as a genealogical investigative tool to determine if persons being tested had a common ancestor or are unrelated. Y chromosome analysis is used for paternal matching, while mtDNA analysis is used for maternal matching.

I will not reiterate the definitions, testing processes, etc. on this page since there are many existing sites which adequately contain the information one might want. Instead, I will place links to some of these other locations.

The Dunham (Dunham/alias Singletary)-Donham-Denham-Dunnam clan is comprised of persons with somewhat differently-spelled surnames, perhaps deriving from different countries such as Germany, England, etc. The Soundex code "D550" refers to numerous surnames which sound similar and may be analogous. These are potential family branches, until specifically eliminated. The purpose of a DNA Family Reconstruction project is to place individuals conclusively on the family tree or eliminate them.

This project for the Dunham-Donham-Denham-Dunnam, etc. clan will attempt to test at least 2 different known male cousins from each different family branch or line. The reason for desiring at least two individuals is the possibility that a match does not exist due to unreported adoptions, false paternity, etc. If you are a female family member, you might have a brother or male relative from the Dunham family willing to be tested.

While several different tests are possible, it is recommended that individuals utilize the Y-chromosome 25-marker test initially. If it seems desirable, the 37 or 67 marker test can be undertaken at a later date [at an additional charge]. The lab retains the DNA sample and would not require a new one.


We utilize Family Tree DNA for this project. Family Tree DNA utilizes lab facilities at the University of Arizona.


The pricing for the Y-Chromosome DNA test can be found here .The pricing includes a $4 handling fee by the testing organization and a surcharge of $5 to assist D/SFC in covering some costs by the Coordinators. The shipping and handling cost of FTDNA is $6 for all non-US addresses. Once the test has been performed and analysis completed, if it becomes desirable to have the 37-marker, 67 marker or 111-marler test performed, it can be accomplished. Additional costs to a project participant for upgrading is shown on the above page, also. These prices are subject to change from time to time.

Testing Process

1. Individual indicates desire to participate and receives materials on-line or from the Project Coordinator.

2. Individual completes necessary paperwork, returning it with appropriate payment to Project Coordinator.

3. Project Coordinator orders test kit that is mailed to participant by FTDNA. The participant returns the sample to Family Tree DNA for testing and analysis in a pre-addressed envelope that is provided.

4. Results will be returned to individual and Project Coordinator. If a release form was signed, individuals with exact matches will also be notified.

5. Results are available on the web site .

6. Project will continue to seek additional participants in order to have as large a sample and data base as possible.

Interested In Participating?

There are two or more ways to participate in the project. First, one can participate in the testing activities directly. Secondly, one can participate by assisting in finding and/or convincing others to participate.

Testing Participation

In order to facilitate project coordination, we need to have a modicum of information from participants. There are two methods for initiating participation.

1. [Preferred] Participation may be initiated by regular mail or e-mail. The attached form should be completed and returned to the address indicated on the form with appropriate documentation, payment, etc. if surface mail is utilized.

The application may also be completed and submitted on-line. There is a Shopping Cart that can be utilized after the application is submitted to initiate payment on-line through PayPal, if desired.

2. [Not Recommended] An on-line mechanism for joining the group project and ordering the test directly is available. Use the following link to join the project and purchase your DNA test kit: http://www.familytreedna.com/surname_join.asp?code=N54136

If you use this mechanism, the project coordinator will obtain basic information from the on-line registration. However, a pedigree chart or information should be provided to the coordinator to demonstrate how this participant might fit into the overall project.

The coordinator's address is: John Dunham Duguid Dunham/Singletary Family Connections 2600 Hunter Road #4309 San Marcos, TX 78666-5217 512-805-0885 sparks22003@hotmail.com

A release form will be included with each test kit to assist in the processing of the information and its distribution to the Project Coordinator.

Testing Results

The test results will be provided to each participant and the Project Coordinator with information about the meaning of the results. The results will also be entered into Family Tree DNA's secure, confidential database and compared to other markers in the database and notification provided for exact results.

This process does NOT include any medical testing and is NOT utilized for any legal purposes.

Project Initiation

This project became active January 22, 2002. Potential participants are encouraged to submit necessary documentation for inclusion in the study.

If anyone knows of Dunham family associations with which we might communicate about the testing project, please let us know the address, e-mail address and perhaps telephone number.

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