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St Mary's Church, Henlow, England Colonel Azariah Dunham Memorial to Jonathan Dunham Home built by Jonathan Dunham


This site is dedicated to the presentation of scholarly research on Dunham families in America; to discovering the origins of these families around the world; and to acknowledging the contributions of these families throughout history.
Dunham, Donham, Dunnam and Denham
The Dunham spelling is used most commonly by descendants of Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth. One branch of this line used the Donham spelling, and one small branch used the Denham spelling. It should be noted that there is a separate Denham family not connected to Deacon John Dunham.

The descendants of Jonathan/alias Singletary used both the Dunham and Donham spelling. Jonathan Dunham alias Singletary of Woodbridge, New Jersey was the son of Richard Singletary. When Jonathan moved to Woodbridge in 1665-70 he began using Dunham as his surname. The reason for this is not known, however all of his descendants used either the Dunham or Donham spelling.

Dunnam is the spelling used by many descendants of the Dunhams of the American South.

Photos at top of this page:

1. St. Mary's Church, Henlow, England, site of baptism of John and Susan (Kaino) Dunham's son, John.
2. Col. Azariah Dunham (1719-1790). This is probably the earliest known likeness of a member of the Deacon John Dunham line. [photo of portrait from The Mapping of New Jersey, p. 54]
3. Memorial marker to Jonathan Dunham, founder of the Dunham family of Woodbridge, New Jersey.
4. Home built by Jonathan Dunham of Woodbridge, now renovated & used as the Episcopal Church rectory.

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