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259. ICHABOD 4 DUNHAM (Nathaniel 3 Joseph 2 John 1) born in Plymouth say 1699; died after 24 October 1745 when he appears on a list of Louisburg soldiers and 21 Jan. 1745/6 when his widow remarried Charles Annis. He married 31 March 1726 MARY CREDIFORD, [1] daughter of Joseph and Rachel (Bussy) Crediford. [2] Mary Crediford was baptized in Wells, York County Maine 13 July 1707.

From an article in The New England Historic Genealogical Register, Vol. 75, Re: the Church at Wells, Maine: “Received to full communion: 21 January 1727/8, Ichabod Dunnam & Mary (Crediford) Dunnam.” [3] This surname is sometimes spelled Credifer. The records of Wells, Maine spell Ichabod’s surname as Dunnam. The military references spell the name Dunham.

Ichabod Dunham appears on the Muster Roll of Capt. John Wheelwright and Company from August 22 to November 27, 1722. [NEHGR Vol. 48:286] (serving as a centinel) Ichabod Dunam appears on the Muster Roll of Capt. Samuel Wheelwright and Company from June 2 to November 16, 1725. [NEHGR Vol. 49:188]

From Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1895, Vol. 1:299,

“In 1722, the Indians again became hostile. In this and the ensuing years, several persons in Wells and its neighborhoods were killed. Lieutenant-Governor Drummer wrote to John Wheelwright,-- Charge the people within the district of your regiment to be very careful when they go into the fields not to expose themselves by going out weak and without arms, but that they associate in their work in parties of ten or a dozen men, keeping a centinel with their guns.”
From p. 300: “In the spring of 1745, the fighting men of Wells, sixty-two strong… rallied under Col. John Storer, to join the strangely combined muster and camp meeting, the expedition against Louisburg.”

Ichabod Dunham is listed as a “Louisburg Soldier” in Capt. Storer’s Company and was one of the soldiers left at Fort Louisburg 24 October 1745. [NEHGR vol. 25:254 & Vol. 22:116]

Children of Ichabod and Mary (Crediford) Dunnam baptized in Wells, Maine:

390. i. Jeremiah 5 Dunnam, bapt. 21 Jan. 1727/8 [4]
ii. Abigail 5 Dunnam, bapt. 15 June 1729 [5]
iii. Lydia 5 Dunnam, bapt. 11 Apr. 1731 [6] Prob. d. y. because another dau. named Lydia was born in 1743
391. iv. Elkanah 5 Dunnam, bapt. 16 Sept. 1733 [7]
392. v. Ebenezer 5 Dunnam, bapt. 18 Apr. 1736 [8]
393. vi. Daniel 5 Dunnam, 30 July 1738 [9]
vii. Meribah 5 Dunnam, 20 July 1740 [10]
viii. Lydia 5 Dunnam, bapt. 26 June 1743 (twin) [11]
ix. Miriam 5 Dunnam, bapt. 26 June 1743 (twin) [12]


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