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46. NATHANIEL 3 DUNHAM (Joseph 2 John 1) born in Plymouth say 1662. [1] He died probably in Norton, Bristol County, Massachusetts after 1734 when his second wife Elizabeth joined the church in Norton. [2] Nathaniel married first in Plymouth 21 January 1691/2 MARY TILSON, [3] daughter of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Hoskins) Tilson. [4] Mary (Tilson) Dunham died in Plympton in 1714. [5] Nathaniel married second in Norton 8 December 1714 ELIZABETH PRATT. [6] Elizabeth’s identity has not been found, however she could have been the widow of someone named Pratt and therefore not a Pratt by birth.

Nathaniel 3 continued to live in Plympton until 31 March 1727 when he purchased land in Norton from his nephew, Elisha, 4 son of Eleazer 3 Dunham. This land was located right on the border of Norton and Taunton on the east side of Winnecunnet Pond. It was also near the land of William Wetherell, probably a relative of Nathaniel Wetherell. Nathaniel Wetherell was the father of the Mary Wetherell, who married first Isaac Dunham and second Silas Williams.

There are no existing vital records in either Plymouth or Plympton which show the children of Nathaniel Dunham, and there is no will or probate record for Nathaniel or either of his wives. There are several deeds which show Nathaniel as having land in both in Plymouth and Plympton, and later in Norton. [7] One of these deeds names Ephraim as a son of Nathaniel. Plymouth Co. Land Record 22:20 dated 2 December 1725

“...I Nathaniel Donham of Plimpton for 20 pounds paid by my loving son Ephraim Donham of town aforesaid sell all that my lot of land that I have lying at a place called South Meadow Plain lying partly in Plymouth and partly in Plimpton it being in number the sixth lot on the southerly side of the highway...”

Another deed may be for Ephraim and a brother Nathaniel, but it is unclear whether the Nathaniel who is grantee in this deed is the father of Ephraim or a brother. In Plymouth Co. LR 19:41, dated 30 Sept. 1724,

“..We Nathaniel Donham and Ephraim Donham, both of Plimpton...for £24 paid by Jeduthian Robbins of Plimpton, ...all that our sixteen acres of upland and meadow lands situate in Plimpton, and a part of and adjoining to lands whereon we now dwell...beginning at a great pine tree, standing on the northerly side of Doten’s Pond...”

Nathaniel 3 Dunham may have been preparing for his move to Norton when on 13 January 1726 he sold land to Able Crocker. Plymouth Co. LR 20:3

“...I Nathaniel Dunham...to Able Crocker of Barnstable a certain tract of upland and meadow lying in Plimpton containing about 80 acres...viz, beginning at a maple tree standing by the southeast corner of Doten’s Pond which is the corner bounds between my land and the land belonging to the children of Israel Donham and thence bounded by the range of their land until it comes to a white oak tree standing near to Swan Hold Meadow and thence bounded by the meadow of the children of Israel Donham up stream until it comes to the River...together with my now dwelling house, orchards, and fencings...”

Elisha 4 Dunham, son of Eleazer 3 Dunham, and nephew of Nathaniel,3 was living in Norton in 1727, but was apparently desirous of moving to Casco Bay where he is later found. Bristol Co. LR 21:145, dated 31 March 1727, shows that Elisha Dunham of Norton conveyed property “where I now live” to Nathaniel Dunham of Plympton, husbandman.

By 1729 Nathaniel was living in Norton. On 4 October 1729 he sold land to Richard Godfrey.

Bristol Co. LR 20:172 “...Nathaniel Dunham of Norton, yeoman, for £40 10 shillings paid by Richard Godfrey of Taunton...land in Norton, 17 acres and 8 rods on the easterly side of the road that leads from Taunton to Boston…beginning at a stake by the road between my dwelling and Nathaniel (Witherall’s) house…”
Witnesses to the above deed were Seth Williams and James Williams. The location of Nathaniel Dunham’s dwelling in Norton was near that of Nathaniel Wetherell. The witnesses to this deed may help to identify another child of Nathaniel as Isaac Dunham who married in Norton to Marcy Wetherell. [8] This Marcy/Mary Dunham was the widow of Isaac Dunham, when she married Silas Williams in Easton 19 July 1737. [9]

Another deed which provides evidence of the proximity of the Dunham and the Wetherell families of Norton is Bristol Co. LR 20:190, dated 1 July 1730 which shows that Nathaniel Dunham sold to James Leonard of Norton “...land in Norton (5 acres) part of my homestead farm where I dwell...” and this deed was witnesses by William Wetherell and Mary Wetherell.

By 1732, Nathaniel would have been about 70 years old. In this record he may have been making arrangements for disposal of his property and for care in his old age.

Bristol Co. LR 21:248 dated 15 March 1732 “...Nathaniel Dunham of Norton for £200 paid by my son Ephraim Dunham of Plimpton, land in Norton being my homestead farm where I now dwell...28 acres bounded southerly and easterly by land of Richard Godfrey of Taunton, northerly by 5 acres I sold to Thomas Cobb, westerly by highway...
Witness: John Witherall -- Abigail Eddy “

Children of Nathaniel and Mary (Tilson) Dunham probably born in Plympton, but not recorded on Vital Records. Birth order unknown.

257. i. NATHANIEL 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1692 [10]
258. ii. EPHRAIM 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1694
iii. MERCY 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1697
She seems likely to fit here as a granddaughter of Mercy Morton who was the mother of Nathaniel 3 Dunham. She m. (int.) 1 May 1723, Plymouth VR p.178 Israel Jackson. Plymouth VR p. 93 gives the actual marriage date as 28 June 1723. There was apparently no issue as no children are given in the Plymouth vital records.
259. iv. ICHABOD 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1699
v. REBECCA 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1701
She may have been the Rebecca Donham who married John Peirce 22 May 1725. Plymouth VR p. 180 for intent of marriage.
260. vi. LYDIA 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1703
261. vii. LEMUEL 4 DUNHAM, b. 13 April 1705
262. viii. MARY 4 DUNHAM, b. ca. 1706, based on age at death 24 July 1777 in her 72nd year. She m. John Billington.
263. ix. ISAAC 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1708; m. Mary/Marcy Wetherell. He d. before 1737 when she m. second Silas Williams.
Easton VR p. 43: gives Phebe Dunnam, daughter of Isaac and Mary Dunnam of Easton, born 18 April 1732.
Easton VR p. 73: gives Richard Hewet of Taunton and Phebe Dunham of Easton were married 21 Nov. 1755 in Easton.
264. x. MANASSEH 4 DUNHAM, b. say 1711


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