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Dunham Dispatch

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Phyllis S. Kitson single-handedly prepared, edited and published Dunham Dispatch from 1977 - 1999. Because her materials may have research value for others undertaking Dunham-related research, she has allowed us to present the material on this site. Some of the initial issues are not in the exact format she published but the text is retained. On some pages there were problems with the materials being copied. Where the exact text could not be determined, it has been highlighted in red and enclosed in brackets [ ]. The photographs which appear have been copied from her issues. After the first few issues it was possible to scan the pages and create portable document formatted (pdf) pages. Some of the pages, although readable, may be replaced later as better copies of the originals are found.

Phyllis has prepared the following short introduction.

Phyllis on Phyllis

As a retired teacher & school counselor, I've been deeply interested in genealogy for many years. Of some 130 pedigree charts, I was able to fill out completely (with all 31 names, dates, etc.) only three of them. My hobby (which is actually more of a life-work) really got going when I switched gears & started looking, rather than for ancestors, for all descendants of varius couples among my Colonial ancestors.

I have been blessed with more recent ancestors who were savers of paper: documents of all types, many-many old photographs, & skillions of old, old letters (dating back to the 1790's). These things gave me a great head start on my quest for distant cousins all over the country, many of them people who had more family memorabilia that they shared with me---so that "vast" can't really describe my collection of historical family documents.

I became a family newsletter "junkie," turning out 6 or 7 different newsletters, several of which publications were very successful in terms of adding further to my knowledge of family lines.

Now that my health & mobility have largely deserted me, I greatly miss the ability to put together these newsletters, but I have a wonderful family who take excellent care of me: a daughter (a lawyer living in Ohio) & 2 sons (still nearby) & 4 grandsons. This allows me to maintain my own home, which I share with an autocratic little dog who is coddled & spoiled & much loved--rather like the lucky woman who owns her.

Phyllis S. Kitson

We appreciate Phyllis's willingness and assistance in preserving these materials.

Currently Available Dunham Dispatch Issues

Click Here to Access the Complete Index to the Dunham Dispatch by Issue.

We are looking for Copies of Missing Pages and Issues of the Dunham Dispatch, Please contact the [Historian]

I -1977 Volume I, No 1, p. 1 - p. 2 - p. 3 Volume I, No 2, p. 1 - p. 2 Volume I, No 3, p. 2 - p. 3 Volume I, No 4, p. 1
II -1978 Volume II, No 1 Volume II, No 1, p. 1 - p. 2 - p. 3
III -1979 Volume III, No 1, p. 1
IV -1991 Volume IV, No 1 Volume IV, No 2 Volume IV, No 3
V -1992 Volume V, No 1 Volume V, No 2 Volume V, No 3 Volume V, No 4 Volume V, No 5
VI -1993 Volume VI, No 1 Volume VI, No 2 Volume VI, No 3 Volume VI, No 4 Volume VI, No 5 Volume VI, No 6 Volume VI, No 7 Volume VI, No 8 Volume VI, No 9 Volume VI, No 10 Volume VI, No 11
VII -1994 Volume VII, No 1 Volume VII, No 2 Volume VII, No 3 Volume VII, No 4 Volume VII, No 5 Volume VII, No 6 Volume VII, No 7 Volume VII, No 8 Volume VII, No 9 Volume VII, No 10 Volume VII, No 11 Volume VII, No 12
VIII -1995 Volume VIII, No 1 Volume VIII, No 2 Volume VIII, No 3 Volume VIII, No 4 Volume VIII, No 5 Volume VIII, No 6 Volume VIII, No 7 Volume VIII, No 8 Volume VIII, No 9 Volume VIII, No 10 Volume VIII, No 11
IX -1996 Volume IX, No 1 Volume IX, No 2 Volume IX, No 3 Volume IX, No 4 Volume IX, No 5 Volume IX, No 6 Volume IX, No 7 Volume IX, No 8 Volume IX, No 9 Volume IX, No 10 Volume IX, No 11 Volume IX, No 12
X -1997 Volume X, No 1 Volume X, No 2 Volume X, No 3 Volume X, No 4 Volume X, No 5 Volume X, No 6 Volume X, No 7 Volume X, No 8 Volume X, No 9
XI -1998 Volume XI, No 1 Volume XI, No 2 Volume XI, No 3 Volume XI, No 5 Volume XI, No 6 Volume XI, No 7 Volume XI, No 8
XII-1999 Volume XII, No 1 Volume XII, No 2 Volume XII, No 3 Volume XII, No 4 Volume XII, No 5 Volume XII, No 6 Volume XII, No 7 Volume XII, No 8 Volume XII, No 9 Volume XII, No 10 Volume XII, No 11

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